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What is I Power I?

I Power I is a non-profit organisation that finds ways to promote peace, tackle violence, resolve conflict and bullying, and helps with the empowerment of young people.



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I Power I

I Power I has signed up to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and has its own Young Management Group who have gone through a series of training, peer mentoring, assertiveness and presentation skills, workshop facilitation skills and have run anti-bullying workshop sessions all over the country. They have also attended various national anti bullying conferences for head teachers and have helped create films on the subject.

The I Power I Young Management Group work closely with the Adult Management Group on a variety of events for young people. Our philosophy is that young people know what they want and should play a large part in being able to control what they get. Events, conferences and peer mentoring projects for young people are our speciality. We have a variety of volunteers who help us, but are continually looking for more.

    Permanent Staffing:
  • Zak Chowdhury - Young Management Group Director
  • Leah Richards - Young Management Administrative Director
  • Sophie Hickson - Young Management Group Promotions Manager
  • Ben Sayah - Young Management Group Assistant Director and Newsletter Co-ordinator
  • Leah Paragh - Young Management Group Assistant Administrator

The I Power I consitution can be found here

The I Power I vision statement can be found here

I Power I Young Management Group Photo