I Power I Constitution

I Power I is a non-profit organisation that finds ways to promote peace, tackle violence, resolve conflict and bullying, and helps with the empowerment of young people. I Power I has signed up to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.



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I Power I

I Power I Aims

  • To provide conferences and other arenas for young people to talk and hare their ideas and opinions
  • To ensure that young people are involved in the planning and running of events that are organised for them
  • To support schools and other young people organisations in developing and implementing effective anti-bullying policies
  • To provide appropriate activities including workshops and courses to help young people become more assertive and aware of their individual rights and responsibilities
  • To promote good working practice when working with young people
  • To create partnerships and collaborations that develop and promote anti-bullying activity
  • To create an atmosphere where equal rights prevail
  • To work locally, nationally and internationally

The following is a Children’s friendly version of the 41 Articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child produced by Save the Children (STC). These rights are also found elsewhere on this site.

1) The Convention covers anyone under the age of 18

2) All children have these rights

3) Everything should be in your best interests

4) The Government has to uphold your rights

5) The rights of your parents/carers and family are respected

6) Your right to live

7) Your right to name and nationality

8) Your right to have your identity protected

9) Your right to be with your parents if this is right for you

10) Your right to leave a country to be with your parents/carers

11) Your right to protection from kidnap

12) Your right to express your views that you have & for your views to be listened to in anything that affects you

13) Your right to have information

14) Your right to choose your own religion

15) Your right to choose your own friends and hang out with them

16) Your right to have some privacy such s opening up your own letters

17) Your right to information through papers, t.v etc

18) Both parents have a responsibility to you

19) You should be protected from abuse and neglect

20) Your right to be cared for if your family is unable to care for you

21) Your right to be adopted if this is in your best interests

22) Your right to protection and care should be upheld should you have to leave your own country

23) Your rights to care, education and training if you are disabled

24) Your rights to treatment if you are sick or poorly

25) If you are in care this needs to be the right care for you

26) You are entitled to Social Security

27) Your right to a decent standard of living

28) Your right to education

29) Education you receive should help you develop and grow

30) Your right to follow our own religion, language and culture

31) Your right to leisure, play and recreation

32) Your right not to work until you are legally old enough

33) Protection from all forms of drugs

34/35/36/37) Your right to be protected from all forms of cruelty, exploitation and torture

38/39) Protection from having to fight in wars and care if you are hurt in wars

40) Innocent until proven guilty! Your right to defend yourself and have help if you need it

41) Any other rights you have in law apply to you