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Andy Hickson is Director of I Power I. The Young Management Group Director is Zak Chowdry and his assistant is Ben Sayah.

We are continually adding to our Management Board of Young People that will work alongside the Adult Management Committee and form the backbone of the next conference. This really will be a conference for young people by young people.

You can now apply to be on the Board. To do this you must be between

13-18 years old, be able to get parental/guardian permission to join. You should also have ideas, energy, and an interest in finding ways to deal with bullying.

This would be an unpaid voluntary position, although some expenses may be able to be claimed for travel, if we receive funding for it (which we currently do not).

Your responsibilities could include:

  • Attending regular meetings
  • Working on specialist areas of the Conference
  • Promoting the Conference
  • Programming of events and activities
  • Booking speakers and guests
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Helping on the Conference day

This is a chance for you to make your voice heard, to put your ideas forward and to work together in a team towards exhilarating series of events for young people. It will mean some hard work but will also reap many rewards.

The I Power I Young Management Group in consultation with other agencies have prepared the following statement.

Millions of young people each month are affected by bullying. The message from the young people of I Power I is:

Enough is Enough!

“Statistics show that young people in the United Kingdom suffer over a million incidents of bullying every week. We ask that the government not only recognise the seriousness of bullying, but also act to find ways to protect us against its effects.

We are in the schools, we are on the streets, we are living with bullying every day of every month of every year. We want adults to realise that we are living in fear, we are excluded, isolated, terrorised, ignored, violently attacked, emotionally disturbed and hospitalised. We truant to protect ourselves, we self-harm and sometimes we kill ourselves because we are bullied. Together we are saying enough is enough.

The young people of the United Kingdom want and need:

  • Adults to realise that young people know how to beat bullying. We have the solutions, we can mentor, campaign, support and assist our peers, we can be assertive, we can change the culture.
  • All adults working with children, wherever they are in our community to be trained in providing young people with anti-bullying help, support and strategies.
  • All adults studying to be teachers or youth workers to have proper anti-bullying training before they enter our schools or youth clubs to teach or work with us.
  • Strategies to deal with bullying to be taught as part of the curriculum, perhaps as part of personal, social and health education.
  • Borough councils to have anti-bullying strategies which deal with bullying as a community issue, and that these policies are open for public comment and review”.

The Conference Delegates, along with other agencies will vote to petition the Government with this statement

(I Power I YMG Director Mr Zak Chowdhury)

I Power I Permanent Staffing:

  • Zak Chowdhury - Young Management Group Director
  • Ben Sayah - Young Management Group Assistant Director
  • Leah Richards - Young Management Group Administrator
  • Sophie Hickson - Young Management Group Promotions Manager
  • Leah Paragh - Young Management Group Assistant Administrator