I Power I Vision

Young people in Control of their Destiny. Bully Web sees a world free of bullying and bullies with empowered and assertive young people who know their rights.



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I Power I

Tell adults what you think

Say what you want

Speak your mind

Listen to other young people’s opinions

Empower yourself with a workshop

Watch a film

Meet some famous people

Become a peer mentor

Organise things for your self

Listen to music

M C your feelings

Be in control of your own day

Whether you are a bully, have been bullied or just want to help stop the cycle of violence our anti bullying conferences are for you.

A whole day packed full of activities including young speakers, shows by young people, specialist adult speakers, mystery guest stars, music, live young peoples’ debates on stage, the Damilola Taylor Young Achiever of the Year Award, a confidential discussion room, an exhibition hall, a childrens’ rights display, a video room and a specialist workshop room.

Photo - Zak and Ardivan, I Power I Young Management Group