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Apply now to attend the next Anti Bullying Conference for Young People which will be held on the 18th July 2005 in North London

The words 'I Power I' reflect the Rastafarian belief of 'I an I'. "You are as important as me...each one teach one...we learn from each other". Benjamin Zephaniah 2004

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Anti-Bullying Conference For Young People

The 2005 I Power I Anti-Bullying Conference for Young People will take place on Monday July 18th in Stoke Newington, North London. It promises to be a fantastic event with music, presentations, workshops, theatre, special guest stars, films and exhibitions. If you are a young person who would like to get involved, or are a teacher or youth worker would like to send a young delegate or get involved in the Conference then please check out the details all over this site. Contact us for more details, to get the anti-bullying conference posters and flyers, or to ask us questions about the anti-bullying conference.

To book a place at the anti-bullying conference for young people please fill-in the Application Form Here and post it back to us as soon as possible. Places are very limited and are booking up fast. To see the latest poster please see here.

This event is being produced by Actionwork Films in partnership with the I Power I Crew, Stoke Newington Media Arts College and Rowan Studio's Project Wolf

Are you a bully? Do you know someone who bullies people? Have you ever been involved with bullying? We want to know why, please contact us with any of your answers to those questions.

Bully Web is an Anti Bullying resource site and the 'I Power I' Anti Bullying Conference for Young people site. Here you will find find links to other anti bullying web sites and tips to help tackle the bully, groups of bullies and a host of anti bullying strategies, resources and empowerment programmes that are available in the UK and abroad. Let us help you deal with bullying against young people. We can help you with your rights to dealing with the bully and bullying in general.

We also need you to help us. Please send in stories or poems or ideas about bullying and anti-bullying to us. We will show selected samples on the site over the ensuing months

If you are a young person then please tell us what other things we can be doing for you to help deal with bullying and finding anti-bullying solutions. Please contact us with your anti-bullying ideas. We want to hear the voices of young people.

In 2003 I Power I in partnership with Actionwork and the Busta Bully Project ran Englands first ever Anti Bullying Conference for Young People. It was a great success with over 250 young delegates attending

In 2004 young members of I Power I ran anti-bullying residencies, helped develop the national Million A Week Campaign with Beat Bullying and Actionwork, ran anti bullying workshops all over the country and helped create an anti bullying resource film for the Government.

Photo - Holloway School Dancers at the last Young People's Anti Bullying Conference

Apply NOW to attend the 18th July 2005 Anti Bullying Conference

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