Conference Programme

This 2005 anti-bullying conference has a full fun-packed programme with music, DJ's, young speakers, shows, films, VIP's and a whole lot more.



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I Power I

I Power I Two

This the second national anti-bullying conference for young people that we have run and is also Englands's second national anti-bullying conference for young people

The whole line-up is not mentioned here, we have a few suprises for you when you get here. Upon arrival all Delegates will receive a special delegates pack and choose some activity options for the day. No one will be forced to do anything they do not want to do.

  • Introduction by Andy Hickson (Conference Director)
  • Introduction by Zak Choudhury (I Power I YMG Director)
  • Mark Emmerson - Head of Stoke Newington School
  • Lhamea 17 year old singer/songwriter
  • George Varnava: “I Take part in making the rules on behaviour”
  • Sarah Willet – Department for Education and Skills
  • 1st Delegate Open Mic Session
  • Jack Burns – Reformed Bully
  • Philip Marples and Sonning-Common Pupils
  • Baylis Court School (Slough), Young Peer Mentors
  • Courtney Spence from the London Samaritans
  • Holloway School Young People Presentation
  • MC Clash rappers
  • Challenging Bullying and Discriminatory language in a Primary School and Making a circle of friends. St Matthias Primary School.
  • The Bully Speaks (Glenn Dallas)
  • Poetry written and read by young people including Hannah Pollard and Stoke Newington School Pupils
  • Homophobic bullying – All Sorts Youth
  • Bullying from a parents perspective
  • Katherine Venez sings
  • Aik Saath Peer Mentoring Programme
  • Jess Mahdavi’s Bully Courts: “The naughtiest intervention in the school?”
  • SAS Martial Arts Academy demonstration
  • Stoke Newington Students perform a drama
  • City Zen from Hackney: Young People Speak and give advice
  • Solihull ABBA Young People Presentation
  • 2 bullied pupils from Stoke Newington School
  • 2nd Delegate Open Mic Session
  • Vanessa Cooper (ABA Head) – Work of the Anti-Bullying Alliance
  • 'Bullying and Racism' and its impact on Muslim youth - Muslim Youth Helpline
  • Freddie Drakes-Thomas – Human Beatbox
  • St Pauls School - Peer Listeners Role Play
  • Beverley Hughes – Government Minister for Children and Families
  • Tony Cesay (Former ABA Boxing Champion) – “Way of Life”
  • Oli Watts: “The power of the pupils – how you can lead anti bullying”
  • Ian Whybrow - author
  • MC Nobsta Nutts
  • 3rd Delegate Open Mic Session
  • Lyrickal: Human Beatbox and vocal master (from the group 'Wax Lyrickal)
  • Dr Lance Kwesi Lewis (Former world Katate Champion) – To Believe in Yourself
  • Ben Sayah leads on voting on the Petition to give to Parliament: "All teachers should recieve anti-bullying training as part of their teacher training"
  • Biggafish dance workshop showing
  • Damilola Taylor Young Achiever of the Year Award
  • Lhamea 17 year old singer/songwriter
  • The Conference Young Management Group Speak
  • Closing words by Andy Hickson (Conference Director)
  • Evaluations and Delegates Free Raffle:Win a DVD player
  • Young Speakers and Presenters
  • Shows and Role-Plays
  • Graf Wall
  • Films in a special 'Film-Room'
  • Workshops including Drama, Martial Arts, Beatbox, Homophobia, Bully Courts and Kick Boxing
  • Music, DJ's, Rappers and Beatboxers
  • Special Guest Stars including Ian Whybrow
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Healthy Eating
  • Damilola Taylor Young Achiever of the Year Award, presented by Richard Taylor
  • Live Debates
  • Games
  • Open Mic Sessions
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Private Discussion Room
  • Food and refreshments