I Power I Crew get Diana Awards

The government Minister Ruth Kelly presented 4 members of the I Power I Crew Diana awards for their work tackling bullying.



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Leah Richards, Ardavan Ahmadi, Zak Chowdhury and Ben Sayah, members of the I Power I Crew all received Diana Awards for their work tackling bullying across Britain. The minister Ruth Kelly presented the awards at the premiere of the Making The Difference anti-bullying film made by the I Power I Crew and Actionwork for the Department of Education and Skills (DfES), as part of anti-bullying week November 2005.

Anita Compton, Head of the Anti-Bullying Alliance said "The I Power I Crew have done a fantastic job tackling bullying and I fully reccommend the film to be seen in schools across the country"

Andy Hickson, Director of I Power I said"It is important to give young people ownership over their anti-bullying interventions, this film not only does that, it gives them a full voice without censorship. The I Power I Crew have done impressive anti-bullying work across the country and it has been a pleaseure to work with them"

To date the I Power I Crew have worked on two successful national I Power I Anti-Bullying Conferences, a national anti-bullying tour of empowerment workshops to schools, helping out in national anti-bullying campaigns including the Million A Week Campaign, UK Anti-Bullying Week, and the DfES Making the Difference Conference series. The I Power I Crew have also Lobbied Parliament for more anti-bullying teacher training and persuaded an MP to adopt a motion asking for the government to carry this out. 35 MP's signed this motion in the first 3-days of anti-bullying week.

The work does not stop. The I Power I Crew are not only working on next years national anti-bullying conference for young people, they are also, by invitation, currently designing an anti-bullying programme to take to schools across Japan.

The I Power I anti-bullying film 'Making the Difference' produced by Actionwork Films is available free from the DfES. Please contact the DfES here and order your free copy of 'Making The Difference', an anti-bullying resource dvd made by the I Power I Crew and produced by Actionwork Films